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Sherpa's high-quality tutoring programme works alongside your teachers to maximise your student's success.

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How does it work?

There's 3 steps to connecting your students to highly qualified tutors to maximise their outcomes.


Request a tutor for a student or a small group of students. Add some information about what they're struggling with, or looking to achieve, and our dedicated tutor team will match your students with the perfect tutor.

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A clear and open line of communication with your tutor through Sherpa allows teachers to update tutors on what students have found particularly difficult, and may need to spend more time focusing on.

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The series of lessons takes place through our online classroom in 45 minute slots. Here, the tutor provides support on difficult topics, boost confidence and help your students achieve their potential.

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

The National Tutoring Programme is a government initiative designed to support schools across the UK by providing subsidised high-quality tuition to students through approved Tuition Partners. Schools can work directly with approved Tuition Partners (such as us!) to support their students.

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The Pillars of Our Programme

Sherpa's school partnership programme is based around core values which ensure the best possible results for your students.

  • Focus

    Clear communication between teacher and tutor allows teachers to keep the tutor up--to-date on problem areas and request additional support on particular topics. This allows tailored tutoring which supports the teacher in the curriculum.

  • Relationships

    Students are guaranteed the same tutor for a block, allowing them to get to know one another and identify areas that require additional support.

  • Group Size

    Small groups allow personalised feedback and individual support. Available group sizes range from 1:1 to 1:3 tuition.

  • Frequency

    More frequent, shorter sessions have been proven to have a significantly higher impact than less frequent, longer sessions. We encourage schools to utilise shorter, more frequent sessions.

  • Scheduling

    Where possible, we encourage schools to schedule sessions during the school day, as this is proven to result in significantly higher attendance and focus.

  • Measurement

    Our tutors provide a short written report of a student's progress within each session. This results in a system where your team can see the topics covered alongside each student's progress for accountability and tracking.

Qualified and DBS-Checked Tutors Only

All of Sherpa's tutors either have a wealth of experience, or have QTS. We personally interview each and every tutor, and only about 1 in 10 applications is accepted.

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From the Schools We've Worked With

Hear from the staff and students at the schools that we've worked with.

    • How have you found working with Sherpa to set up your students’ tuition?

      Excellent – as school manager for the area, working with student, families, subject teachers, heads of year, Sherpa staff, the usability and support has been fantastic to enable positive tutoring for all.

      Mr Lampard
      Farlingaye High School
    • How would you describe the benefits of using Sherpa for your students?

      Increased confidence

      Being able to address misconceptions immediately

      Challenge children on an individual basis

      Mrs Maskell
      Wessex Primary School
    • What would you say to other schools considering working with Sherpa?

      I would highly recommend other schools to work with Sherpa.
      Mrs Maskell
      Wessex Primary School
    • What would you say to other schools considering working with Sherpa?

      Do it – only positive feedback from all parties involved.

      Mr Lampard
      Farlingaye High School

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